Iceberg Lake

Iceberg lake was breath taking right when we came over the ridge  from Cecile lake.  You can imediantly see why the lake is called iceberg with the giant bolder sitting half way in the water. The trail is a boulder scramble all the way down to the exit of the water from the lake.  You… Read more »

Santa Rosa Island

Backpacking on Santa Rosa Island off the coast of southern California was an amazing time.  But in order to make sure you have a great time there are some things you need to be aware of.  You can get a boat ride from Island Packers.  There is only one camp ground on Santa Rosa island making… Read more »

Vernal Falls

Vernal Falls is one of the main water falls in Yosemite National Park.  When backpacking and camping in the Yosemite valley you are surrounded by beauty and people.  The trail that takes you to Vernal Falls is a paved road for the majority of the way.  There is also a water fountain before the last… Read more »

Garnet Lake

Garnet lake is one of the many lakes on the JMT.  This lake is between Ruby lake and Shadow lake.  Once you come over either ridge you drop down into this beautiful lake in the Sierra Mountains.  Backpacking this trail the infamous John Muhur Trail is like nothing else.         The one morning I… Read more »

Training Ideas For Your Trip

The best thing you can do for yourself is train for your backpacking trip.  And this type of training does not start in the gym.  I will go over a few ideas on the best ways to train for the long 4-21 day trips.

Duck Lake

The trail head starts at about 8,400ft elevation and climbs to about 9,800ft when you reach Duck Lake.  You pass 5 small lakes on the way up to Duck Lake all unique and beautiful. Backpacking this beautiful country side up above Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains will touch you to your soul.  It might… Read more »

Minaret Creek

When you take the small detour off the JMT trails you can choose to check out the spears of the Minarets.  And on your way up you walk along the Minaret creek.  As you can see there are beautiful section of the creek with the water cascading down open areas.  To see in person was… Read more »

Bear Canister Review

  Here we take a quick look at the top 4 bear canisters on the market.  We go over shape, weight, capacity, and price. Garcia – This bear canister gets * * * * from us. Weight – 2lbs 12oz Capacity – 10 liters This canister is very sturdy and strong.  It is also easy… Read more »



  • Ediza Lake

    Ediza lake is another one of the jaw dropping lakes you can find while backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains above Mammoth lakes.  The rock rubble back drop with the snow and small water falls falling into the lake.   If you look in the photo below you can see Todd (my father) standing on… Read more »

  • John Muir Trail with Mules

    There is a company called Mountain Travel Sobek that will take you on a 13 day 103 mile long trek through the John Muir trail starting from Florence Lake and going north to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park.  You will only wear day packs while the mules do all the extra heavy lifting.  The expedition… Read more »

  • Mammoth Lakes

    Coming soon.  

  • List of all 9 National Parks in California

    Here is the list of all 9 National Parks located in California that we will be visiting and sharing with you: Lassen Volcanic – This national park has all four type of volcanoes found through out the entire world.  The volcanoes are Prospect Peak (shield volcano), Lassen Peak (plug dome volcano), Cinder Cone (cinder cone volcano), and Brokeoff… Read more »