Here is the list of all 9 National Parks located in California that we will be visiting and sharing with you:

Lassen Volcanic – This national park has all four type of volcanoes found through out the entire world.  The volcanoes are Prospect Peak (shield volcano), Lassen Peak (plug dome volcano), Cinder Cone (cinder cone volcano), and Brokeoff Volcano (composite volcano).



Yosemite – Is the most popular national park in California and for good reason.  Home to Half Dome, El Capitan, as well as beautiful waterfalls, large lush valleys, and tower granite walls make up this world renown national park.



Kings Canyon – This national park is neighbors to the Sequoia national park.  The beauty found in this national park reflects the name it was given.  You can find many canyons fit for a king displaying the worlds largest tree’s, tower mountain tops, and crystal clear lakes.



Sequoia – Very similar to Kings Canyon this national park is a land of giants.  Seeing these giant sequoia trees in person will give you an appreciation for the size and age of the worlds largest trees.



Death Valley – This below sea level national park does stay true to its name with record high heat waves.  But you might be surprised with how much wildlife does survive in Death Valley.



Joshua Tree – Branching over the Mojave desert and a small part of the San Bernardino Mountains, this national park is majority desert and famous for the sprinkling of Joshua tress through out the western side.



Channel Island – There are eight islands off the coast between Ventura and San Diego that make up the channel islands.  The names of the five islands that make up the Channel Island National Park are: Santa Rosa,  San Miguel, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara.  The other three islands that are not part of the Channel Island National park are Santa Catalina, San Clemente, and San Nicolas.



Redwoods – This national park also contains the worlds largest trees that can live up to 2,000 years old.  You can also find close to 40 miles of pristine coast line, beautiful rivers, and elk roaming the national park.



Pinnacles – This is America’s newest national park.  The national park is named after the rock structure’s you find through out the park.  It is also common to find big caves, and condors soaring above.




Written by Trevors1108